Turbo to the MAX

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Turbo Kick is intense! I don’t normally participate in GroupX classes because I like doing my own thing, but they really could produce some results if you’re consistent with them. I stay active, so the class really wasn’t too strenuous on me. Don’t get me wrong, though, it isn’t easy! When I took the class I was just getting over the flu; I actually thought at one point I might die. I really needed to cough, but I didn’t want to interrupt my work out. Every time we did Turbo Time my heart rate soared. It felt good to know that I was working so hard!

I wanted to see how high I could get my heart rate up with Turbo Kick and also how many calories I burned during one class. According to MyFitness app, I burned approximately 475 calories. This app is a great tool to keep track of the amount of calories you burn in your workouts and to keep track of what you eat, whether you want to get in or stay in shape.

Here are my heart rates from resting to the end of each Turbo Time:

My resting heart rate: 88 bpm

After Turbo #1: 154 bpm

After Turbo #2: 166 bpm

After Turbo #3: 168 bpm

My instructor, Suzanne, is an LSU junior double majoring in Nutrition and Kinesiology. She explained that “the goal of Turbo is to elevate your heart rate during a high intensity two minute session to burn mega calories!” She also said that it is a good idea to keep moving after Turbo – don’t want to cramp up!

She gave me this equation to calculate your maximum heart rate: 220 – (Your Age) = Maximum Heart Rate

**My maximum heart rate was 199 bpm.

According to The Mayo Clinic, my recommended target heart rate range is between 139 and 169 bpm for vigorous exercise. Your target heart rate during Turbo Kick should be about 85% of your max heart rate. Mine was almost exactly that!

Turbo Kick was really fun and intense. I got to push myself and with the result of my high heart rate and the exercise routine, I burned over 400 calories! GroupX classes really are a great way to get in shape and be healthy, all while having fun doing so!


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