TigerFit Wellness Challenge participant, grand prize winner reflects on her participation in the challenge

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IMG_1148-copy-with-TF-logo2Over 35 participants completed this year’s TigerFit Wellness Challenge, which challenged LSU students to participate in a variety of fitness workshops and classes, nutrition sessions, fitness and intramural challenges, adventure workshops and clinics, as well as weekly wellness meetings and other additional wellness opportunities hosted by UREC and The LSU Student Health Center. UREC sat down with Kimberly Sevin D’Souza, a LSU graduate student, to discuss some of the reasons why she participated in this year’s challenge, and what benefits she hopes the program will provide her with moving forward.

D’Souza was randomly selected as a recipient of the challenge’s grand prize, a bike donated by The Bicycle Shop. Congrats Kimberly on completing the challenge!

Why did you participate in the TigerFit Wellness Challenge?

I have been taking GroupX classes at UREC for about two years now. I was looking for additional means to improve my overall health. I was interested in the TigerFit Wellness Challenge because of all of the programs that it offered. In addition to the GroupX classes that I was already taking, there were nutrition classes, fitness challenges, and many other health-oriented opportunities. I was able to customize my own program to meet my personal health goals. The program was also very flexible. There were workshops and classes offered at all times during the day at a few different locations. Some did not fit into my daily schedule, but most did. I found it very easy to take advantage of the different health opportunities offered by the program.

What did you like most about the TigerFit Wellness Challenge?

My favorite part of the TigerFit Wellness Challenge was all of the resources that I had access to. Over the course of completing the program, I came into contact with many employees of UREC, a registered dietitian, and several other Student Health Center employees. I felt like I had a lot of people supporting me on my goal to a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of if my question was a fitness question, a dietary question, or something related to another aspect of personal health, I was able to get those answered and feel more prepared to take on the challenge of living a healthier lifestyle.

How do you plan on using the bike to help you meet your fitness goals?

I plan to start incorporating bicycling around the LSU Lakes as part of my weekly fitness routine. I usually walk to campus but end up taking the bus if I am running late. Instead of taking the bus on those days, I will now start using my new bicycle!