Field Trips, Music, Dancing, and Staying Active!

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Session 2, Week 2 From the Camp Directors:

Another session has come and gone—with each day filled with so much fun, it’s no wonder time flies!


We started the week on Monday doing rotations in our Paw Groups—we had a great mix of activities scheduled for the day and campers has a lot of fun making paper bag kites in Arts & Crafts, while indoor camping was a huge hit!  Campers built a fort, turned the lights out, and took turns telling stories with just a flashlight.  We had a great time in the afternoon swimming in the pool, climbing on the Rockwall, and flying our kites that we made in the morning.


Tuesday was a busy day as the Senior campers took a field trip to the Leisure Arts Studio in the Union, where each group made a bracelet and paper—this was a new thing for most of our campers and a very cool experience!  Juniors spent the morning doing a variety of activities, but one of the most fun things was using sidewalk chalk to make an awesome mural outside the Tiger’s Den entrance—our campers never cease to amaze us with their creativity!  In the afternoon, we had a lot of fun playing soccer basketball in the gym, but playing freeze dance in the studios was undoubtedly the biggest hit of the day—campers and counselors both like to turn the music up and practice their moves.


On Wednesday, the weather didn’t cooperate with us and we were unable to go outside to go fishing and to feed the ducks—instead, we modified out activities indoor and still had a great time riding scooters, playing wall ball, making magazine collages, and playing rainy day board games.  The weather also prevented us from playing on the outdoor water slide but we still set it up indoors as a dry slide and campers had a lot of fun playing on that while also getting to go swim and play hyperspace in the gym.


Thursday, it was the Juniors turn to go on the field trip to Leisure Arts, while the Seniors stayed back and played some very competitive games of kickball and indoor soccer, while also having a lot of fun playing animal charades.  The afternoon we stayed indoors and had an epic paper airplane competition while also learning some new activities like Whomp ‘Em, Earthball, and a great game called Four Corners.


On Friday, we finished off the session with a morning carnival where campers got to do a lot of different games, including huge games of Limbo, Bolf, and Cornhole—the counselors also set up a face painting station and each campers had their face painted.  We were also able to take groups to the lake to fish and feed the duck, which made up for missing those activities on Wednesday—campers had a great time experiencing the nature around the LSU lakes.  We concluded the week with a fun afternoon of Dodgeball and Bug Out in the gym as well as swimming and climbing on the rockwall.

It’s been another great week of the summer and our campers keep leaving each day with a smile!  Thank you to all those families who shared the Tiger’s Den experience with us this week, and we’ll see you soon!


Zach & Matt, UREC Tiger’s Den Camp Directors