Field trips to PMAC & Leisure Arts Studio full of fun!

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Session 1, Week 2 From the Camp Directors:

It’s already the end of Session One—where is the summer going?! Our campers have truly had a great start to Tiger’s Den, exploring and learning all about LSU, staying active, having fun, and making many new friends!


We started the week on Monday spending time in our paw groups, getting acclimated to Tiger’s Den after the weekend and meeting some of the new campers that were starting camp this week.  After a morning of rotations filled with fun activities (playing Amoeba in the gym with the giant soccer ball was an especially big hit!), we cooled off in the pool playing water basketball and then introduced noodle hockey in the gym, which a lot of campers really enjoyed!


Tuesday marked the first field trip day of the summer for us, as our Senior campers visited the LSU Quad and the Leisure Arts Studio in the Union, making Beaded Mosaics & Fish In A Bag Soap—we owe a big thank you to Lynne Maxwell and the rest of the Leisure Arts staff for being such great hosts to Tiger’s Den this week!  Also on Tuesday morning, our Junior campers stayed in UREC and had a fun morning of rotating games—solving the human knot was a fun challenge! Tuesday afternoon, we stayed busy conducting a science experiment called Color Symphony, testing our limbo skills, and playing Pictionary in the classrooms.


Wednesday was a busy day for all of camp, as each paw group took a field trip to visit Mike the Tiger and to get a special, exclusive tour of the PMAC.  Visiting Mike the Tiger is always a great experience and we are especially lucky to visit the PMAC and get an insider view of LSU Athletics.  We haven’t had much luck with the weather yet this summer, so we had to set up our slide as an indoor slide in the afternoon, but it did give our campers a chance to cool off in the air-conditioned gym, while other campers had a refreshing swim in the pool.


On Thursday, it was the Juniors turn to visit the Leisure Art Studio and as an added bonus, campers also visited the LSU Quad and had a special storytime in the shade of the LSU Oaks.  While the Juniors were on their trip, Seniors stayed active playing wiffleball and kickball, as well as making LSU bracelets and anklets in Arts & Crafts.  Thursday afternoon was highlighted by the introduction of the Star Wars game in the gym, which was played with pool noodles, dodgeballs, and hula hoops—additionally, Mr. Andy, one of the Tiger’s Den counselors, brought his guitar to work and both Juniors and Seniors had a special guitar sing-a-long.  Also, campers put their knowledge of LSU to work, as each paw group created a special Tiger’s Den skit or song and then performed it front of the rest of camp—we have some talented campers!


We finished up the week with an exhilarating field trip to Baton Rouge Beach to go canoeing with Mr. Chris, who is in charge of the Adventure program at LSU UREC.  All campers had a chance to explore the LSU Lakes on the canoe, after first getting a lesson in water safety and canoe paddling techniques.  We finished off the week with a great afternoon of swimming, climbing on the rockwall, and games in the gym, including the introduction of Poison Ball, a Tiger’s Den favorite.

We’ve been busy this week and have many more fun activities planned for the rest of the summer!  Thank you to all those families who shared the Tiger’s Den experience with us this week, and we’ll see you soon!


Zach & Matt, UREC Tiger’s Den Camp Directors