Aliens, Magic, and Firemen! Where are we again?

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Session 4, Week 2 From the Camp Directors:

It’s the end of another session—how time flies when you’re at Tiger’s Den!


On Monday of this week, we continued our science and magic themes by making cup telephones in Arts & Crafts—after decorating the cups, we all learned about communication and how to play telephone with this fun project!  We also had a special treat this morning when Counselor Andy taught everyone how to throw a Frisbee and we got to play Frisbee games in the gym.  It was a lot of fun to play musical freeze tag as well, and we stayed busy all day with swimming, climbing on the Rockwall, and playing Four-Square in the gym.  Four-Square is a hit this week!


Tuesday was an interesting day—we started the morning in rotations, as groups moved around playing Laser Tag in the Studio while also making egg cradles for our egg drop experiment scheduled for later in the day.  Things got a little exciting at lunch, however, as a rain storm came on suddenly and we had to move quickly to get back inside!  Because of the rain, we weren’t able to do the egg drop experiment but still had a great afternoon doing Kid Fit with Mr. Chase while also playing Capture the Flag and Man on Mars in the Gym.


Wednesday was a great day to be at camp!  We spent most of the morning playing Sardines, which is kind of like a large group game of Hide n’ Seek and our campers loved searching in and around the building for the hiding groups.  After Sardines, we were able to test out our egg cradles in the egg drop experiment while also having a balloon relay race in the gym!  The weather cooperated with us in the afternoon and campers got to go outside to play on the water slide while also swimming in the pool.


On Thursday, we had an alien invasion!  The sneaky aliens took something very valuable and hid it from us, but after mastering their challenges, Tiger’s Den campers were able to triumph.   We were ready for a final showdown with the Aliens with lots of water and sponges….but another storm rolled in and so we played gauntlet against the counselors in the gym!  After the aliens returned to their planet, we were lucky to witness a very special Comedy Magic Show from Magician Chris, who also taught campers all about tying Balloon Animals.


We wrapped up the session on Friday with a special visit from the Fire Emergency Training Institute—the FETI cadets visited camp and taught us all about fire safety, while also letting campers see all of the different types of equipment and uniforms that firemen use.  We are so lucky to have such great friends who enjoy coming to camp!  After the FETI program, we had an afternoon filled with swimming, rock climbing, and Tiger Ball in the gym.

We’ve stayed busy this week, with lots of activities, projects, alien invasions, magic shows, and firemen!  Thank you to all those families who shared the Tiger’s Den experience with us this week, and we’ll see you soon!


Zach & Matt, UREC Tiger’s Den Camp Directors