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Discovering the scientist within us….

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Session 4, Week 1 From the Camp Directors:

As we go through the summer, our activities keep becoming more interesting and diverse—it’s hard to keep up with all this fun!


With this session, each day was celebrating a different science or discover theme—our theme on Monday was “bones” and our activities in the morning were centered around a Bone Hunt that traveled throughout UREC. Once campers found all the hidden pieces to the skeleton system, they created and decorated their skeletons in Arts & Crafts, which was pretty cool to see! In the afternoon, we shifted back to some of our traditional activities and enjoyed time in the pool, climbing on the rockwall, and playing a few different games in the gym—one of them, one hand touch basketball, was a combination of football and basketball, and a lot of campers had a lot of fun playing!


On Tuesday, we started the day off with a great field trip to Baton Rouge Beach to go canoeing and to explore the LSU Lakes. Our campers also had a lot of fun making sand castles, playing whiffle ball in the grass, and enjoying the great weather. Plus, being on the water is always awesome!  In the afternoon, we tried out a new game called Bucca Ball in the gym, but the highlight of the day was definitely making (and eating!) ice cream in a bag. What a treat!


Wednesday was all about our theme of learning about weather and campers cycled between several morning projects—the first one was making rain sticks in arts and crafts, and campers definitely got creative there! We then went and made tornados in a bottle, using water, dish soap, and glitter—what a day for weather!  Paw groups also used their rain sticks later in the day to create a rain dance and skit, which they then performed for the rest of camp. We lucked out in the afternoon and got to play outside on the water slide, while also staying cool inside in the pool.


On Thursday we traveled to Space to explore the cosmos, which included a morning of different themed activities—easily the coolest activity from this morning was the glow in the dark dance party in the studio! It truly felt like we were in a rocket ship looking at some glowing planets! Campers also had fun doing the Space Zoom Obstacle course, which was a great way to get active. In the afternoon, we had a huge rock, paper, scissors competition and then played Rocketship Tag. We finished off the day with an awesome game of modified capture the flag, where campers tried to protect their planets from invasion.


Friday was all about animals, and in the morning we played a game called Noah’s Ark, where campers had to mimic different types of animals to find their partner—there was a lot of silliness and laughter here! Groups also played Mingle Mingle in the gym and practiced their animal calls when playing Barnyard. We continued the theme in the afternoon, playing an active game of Elephants, Cows, and Giraffes, while groups also played water basketball in the pool, climbed on the rockwall, and played Put Out in the gym.

It’s been another exciting week of Tiger’s Den, filled with science projects and discoveries!  Thank you to all those families who shared the Tiger’s Den experience with us this week, and we’ll see you soon!


Zach & Matt, UREC Tiger’s Den Camp Directors