The challenge course marks the first completion project in UREC’s expansion and redesign process. Although the course is typically used for student organizations, any UREC member may try out the course during UREC’s Open Challenge Course dates!


About the Challenge Course

  • Low elements: Islands, A frame, Skis, Triangle Tension Traverse, Wild Woozy, T.P. shuffle, All aboard, Circular & Rectangular Whale Watch, Team Wall, and Spiders Web
  • High Elements: Cargo Next, Swinging Vines, Pirates Crossing, Hour Glass, Swinging Bridge, and Tandem Hydraulic Ziplines

You may be asking yourself..”where is the zipline?!” Unlike the former Challenge Course, the new Challenge Course features¬†Hydraulic Ziplines. These tandem ziplines are made to utilize hydraulics to lower ziplining participants in a safe and controlled manner. Upon leaving the platform, the hydraulics compress which releases cable through the system to lower each participant. How cool is that?!