Friendship, Unity, and Peace—it’s Olympics week!

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Session 5, Week 2 From the Camp Directors:

Every year, Tiger’s Den hosts the Camp Olympics, which allows all of our campers to engage in friendly competition while also learning about different countries around the world.


We started off this week by holding an Olympic team introduction, where campers were introduced to their new countries and then spent some time playing teambuilding games to get to know all of their teammates and prepare for the week ahead.  We then kicked off the Olympic competitions with kickball outside and full court basketball inside and had a lot of fun and great participation from our campers!  We finished off the afternoon with swimming, climbing on the rockwall, and playing Four-Square in the gym.


Tuesday was a day of strength and fitness competitions, as our different countries ran through a fitness obstacle course as well as sprint races and a tug-of-war competition, to test each country’s collective strength.  In addition, each country created and presented their country flag as well as their team cheer, which definitely led to a lot of country spirit from all of our different competing countries, which included Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, Nepal, Spain, and South Africa!  In the afternoon, we went back to team sports and had a kingpin competition as well as a competition of baseball using a tennis racquet and a tennis ball—what really stands out about the team sports is how much great sportsmanship and encouragement comes from all of our campers!


On Wednesday, we had a diversity of Olympic activities, which included playing badminton and table tennis for the first time this summer—we also held the Olympic relay on the track, which allowed us to see more great examples of team camaraderie and friendly competition between our countries.  In addition, we had a great Tiger Ball competition and then campers rested when making yearbooks for the end of the summer.  In the afternoon, we played dodgeball and bug out (two Tiger’s Den favorites!) while also enjoying the pool for a swim.


Thursday was our final day of the Olympics, but before we got into our last rounds of activity, we had a very special visit from the officers of the K-9 Unit from the LSU Police, who brought along their partners and were gracious enough to give Tiger’s Den an exclusive presentation about police dogs.  After that, we had our final three Olympic tournaments, with outdoor soccer, capture the flag, and poison ball.  After lunch, we played a few fun games between campers and counselors, including water freeze tag outside and dodgeball inside in the gym.  To finish off the day, we held the closing Olympic ceremonies, where each camper was recognized by their counselors for their participation and sportsmanship, and then we had a very special treat from the LSU Dairy Store!


We concluded the summer with a Tiger’s Den carnival, where campers got to play their favorite camp games one more time—this included playing wallball, scooter races, pong bounce, and beanbag toss, while campers also had the opportunity to get face painted and to get temporary tattoos.  After the carnival, campers had time to sign each other’s yearbooks and thank their friends for a great summer.  Once we finished lunch, we had one last afternoon of swimming, climbing on the rockwall, and playing games in the gym, which included gauntlet and kingpin.  We concluded the summer with a special snack of refreshing sno-balls before saying our goodbyes.

Olympics week is always a wonderful celebration of our athletic achievements and this week definitely ended the summer on a high note!

Thank you to all those families who shared the Tiger’s Den experience with us this summer—we sincerely appreciate everyone who brought their children to camp and for the joy of each day working with them.  Tiger’s Den had a wonderful summer, full of great memories, lots of fun, and most importantly, great campers—we hope to see you again next year!


Zach & Matt, UREC Tiger’s Den Camp Directors