[UP]cycling > [down]cycling class to hold Exhibition at SRC

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On November 12, 2013 15 students from LSU’s College of Art & Design will be installing four interactive projects at the Upcycle-Logo
Student Recreation Center. So if you’re wondering what the newspaper lounges or what the glass bottles are doing in the hallway, this explains it! The students, enrolled in a class entitled [UP]cycling > [down]cycling (ARCH 4041), will formally present their installs to the public at the Upcycle Exhibition Reception to be held at the Student Recreation Center on Friday, November 15 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. The reception will take place in Classroom 1. The event is free and open to the public. The exhibition will be on display at the SRC from November 13 – December 6.

Exhibition Projects

  • [Bi]cycling
  • Washing Machine Cycles
  • Water Bottle + Newspaper Loungers
  • Cardboard Tubes + Glass Bottle Screening/Seating

Each project is constructed entirely of recycled materials, upcycled into the interventions on display, and designed for disassembly. Upon completion of the show, all projects will be recycled.


Students of ARCH 4041

Meghan Bilski (4th year undergrad), Lindsay Boley (5th year undergrad), Zachary Chatelain (4th year undergrad), Annette Couvillon (5th year undergrad), Tyler Detiveaux (4th year undergrad), Nathaniel Frank (4th year undergrad), Kyle Hymel (4th year undergrad), Jamie Joyner (4th year undergrad), Xueru Lan (3rd year undergrad), Andrew Layman (4th year undergrad), Skipper Pugh (2nd year grad), Cole Rhodes (4th year undergrad), Carolina Rodriguez (5th year undergrad), Colleen Shannon (5th year undergrad), and Teresa Williams (4th year undergrad)


About ARCH 4041 at LSU

[UP]cycling > [down]cycling engages stake-holder oriented design process, material logics, and analysis of readings and precedents on the relationship of material life-cycles to formal and operational dialogues of exchange, adaptation, access, agency, inclusion and phenomenon. The course results in the design and construction of temporary structures upcycled from re-purposed materials and designed for disassembly (no adhesives or new fasteners are permitted). The course is taught by Meredith Sattler, Assistant Professor of Sustainability in the LSU School of Architecture. Click here for more information regarding LSU’s School of Architecture.