5 reasons you should participate in the #LSUTigerFit Wellness Challenge

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It’s the Spring semester, you probably have a full class schedule, and staying in shape may be losing the attention it needs on your “list-to-do.” Participate in the TigerFit Wellness Challenge and stay on track this semester with your fitness goals!

It’s Realistic.

Start small and set realistic goals. For example, the first week go to a Zumba class and the Weekly Wellness Meeting. This program only requires you to go to 2-3 activities a week depending on the points. You have the option to choose whether they are educational or physical.

Get the Support You Need.

Weekly emails will be sent out to all participants including motivational tips, easy healthy recipes, upcoming events, and more! Weekly Wellness meetings will also give you the information you need to succeed. Want more support? Bring a friend to a dedicated TigerFit activity.


It’s Convenient.

TigerFit activities will be at various locations on campus such as the Student Health Center, Student Union, Center for Academic Success, Student Financial Management Center, and University Recreation. There are many point options throughout the day to meet the needs of your schedule!


Have Fun.

Yes, fitness can be fun! You choose the activities you enjoy and receive points. Whether it be dancing in a Zumba class, canoeing on the LSU Lakes, competing in an Intramural skills challenge, or an “On Your Own Activity”.


Get Guided Nutrition.

You have your own dietician! Nutrition plays a huge role in overall wellness. You will learn basic nutrition guidelines and easy ways to incorporate healthy habits. Nutrition weekly meetings, workshops, and one on one consultation will guide you in the right direction.