Help us help our campus with Clear Water, Green Heart

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LSU-UREC Clear Water Green Heart

“They [LSU UREC] have significant sustainability initiatives already happening and one of the great ones is Clear Water, Green Heart, which is trying to get people not to bring disposable plastic bottles into the UREC,” Meredith Sattler, Assistant Professor, LSU School of Architecture

Did you know the average person uses 167 bottles of water annually? Multiply that times the average $1.35 per bottle and you’ve already spent hundreds. Needless to say, investing a few bucks in a reusable water bottle saves the college student a good chunk of money while bettering our environment here at LSU. So, how exactly can you help? Quench your thirst and your friend’s too with UREC’s Clear Water, Green Heart initiative.

Last fall, UREC began this initiative, and refilled 830 bottles throughout the campaign. That’s $1120.50 saved by our students and UREC members! With this project, UREC aims to continue to drastically cut down on the amount of water bottles discarded in the complex. It’s as easy as drink, punch, repeat. First, grab a Clear Water, Green Heart punch card from the Operations Desk. UREC has five water bottle refilling stations where you can refill your own water bottle.

Whenever you refill your reusable water bottle, present your Clear Water, Green Heart punch card at the Operations Desk. There, you’ll receive a punch. When you get ten punches, you’ll be able to choose between a free guest pass or “Geaux Green” sustainability t-shirt. You may only get one punch per visit.

So, let’s do the math. You can either pay about $225 over the next year, or you can spend $3 – $7 for a reusable bottle and get a prize that’s priced over the amount you spent on the bottle. Sounds like a great way to help out, don’t you think? The Clear Water, Green Heart campaign runs from June 9 – August 1.