College is an Adventure: Four Years of 4ever Memories

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Some jobs suck, some jobs rock, some jobs are just meant for money, but other jobs will teach you life lessons.

Four years ago, I randomly applied for a position at the LSU UREC because I needed some extra cash. My time began as I walked into my first UREC Kick-off as a clueless college Freshman unaware that I would be walking out in May of 2017 as a wiser more confident adult.

So the story goes….

It’s inevitable that almost every Freshman goes to the gym to fight the dreaded weight gain. It’s like proving to society that you’re unstoppable. As a fitness assistant, I had the privilege of seeing fellow classmates and friends meet weekly in the weight room in hopes of maintaining their perfectly sculpted high school physique. I quickly realized how serious people take their work outs, and the power of a smile accompanied with a simple greeting. Additionally, I learned how to perfectly phrase, “get your bag off the floor”; and how to make cleaning equipment a highly entertaining game. The endorphin high flooded the UREC and generated an energy that reached me during my work shifts.

Renovations began during my sophomore year, where I had to decide to leave this job or stick through it. I knew I loved the atmosphere and the people, therefore, there was no way that construction could pull me away.

Junior year was when UREC Weekly aired on Snapchat. Yes, indeed, I am the “snapchat girl.” (Follow us: @LSUUREC !!) Mondays were my favorite day of the week because I was able to goof around wth Randy in an effort to cleverly relay the UREC updates to students and members. Who could say that they had that kind of job?! The Street team stretched my comfort zone, and I was forced to think outside of the box. This included trying to get an artsy bicycle clip that lead to a minor crash.
(Caution: practice bike safety) I’m stilling thankful for Sigma Nu’s house mom who doctored me up, so that I could continue my shift.

Additionally, working in the Marketing department brought my degree to life by giving me a taste of some real world experience. I gained a new confidence that lead me to attend a Nirsa Collegiate Recreation conference. Here, I met some really awesome students who worked in recreational centers from all across the south. I left this conference inspired to chase my dreams and achieve my career goals. All-in-all junior year was a year of growth.

With my drive to achieve, I entered Senior year will a mindset to finish strong. I soon became a certified Group Fitness Instructor, and started teaching Insane Circuit beginning in the fall. I feel in love with watching my participants push their limits beyond what their mind thought they could. It truly was one of the most rewarding things about my day.

Aside from being a fitness instructor, I formed a small little community in the Marketing Department. With several small changes, UREC changes, and life changes happening, there remained a constantly level of encouragement from John, Megan, and the rest of our department crew. I was always reminded to keep working hard and keep living it up. Now, graduation is near, and unfortunately I can be a UREC student worker forever. However, I will treasure this community, the people, and all the memories made in this building. Through all the construction headaches of the expansion, the new UREC is just about completely finished, and I couldn’t be more excited for the incoming Freshman. They truly are lucky to have this gorgeous recreational center to come play in and relieve their stress.

For me, work never felt like work. And who knows, maybe it was working in a gym that keep the freshman 15 away. For all those incoming freshman, find a job in college that shapes you into the best version of yourself!  

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Lauren LeBlanc // Marketing Assistant

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