About the UREC Challenge Program

The UREC Challenge Program is an effective tool for helping organizations meet their group’s goals. Focus is placed on the relationships and interactions of members of the group when confronted with various tasks and challenges. This facilitated process combines action with reflection to open the door to discovery and understanding. The UREC Challenge Course has both low and high elements for team building.

  • Low elements: Islands, A frame, Skis, Triangle Tension Traverse, Wild Woozy, T.P. shuffle, All aboard, Circular & Rectangular Whale Watch, Team Wall, Spiders Web
  • High elements: Cargo Next, Swinging Vines, Pirates Crossing, Hour Glass, Swinging Bridge, Tandem Hydraulic Ziplines

Tailored to your needs

Each group is inherently different, and because of these differences each course we create is tailored to your group. This process begins with a UREC Challenge Program Inquiry Form that gives us background information about your group, goals for the group, and potential dates. From there a member of the UREC Adventure Education staff will identify what type of course would be most appropriate, identify facilitators, and create an outline of the course. Throughout the day, program facilitators will be continuously evaluating the outline, and if necessary, shifting to more appropriate and effective initiatives.

Types of programs

Adventure Education programs are held at the UREC Challenge Course as well as in your classroom, office, or function with portable initiatives. The UREC Challenge Course is set on half an acre of land at the Sport & Adventure Complex and is composed of twelve low elements and seven high elements. Low elements are most useful at examining group functioning, while high elements focus on individual challenges and paired tasks.

Challenge by choice

Facilitators incorporate “Challenge By Choice” in which participants are encouraged to try new things and push the boundaries of their comfort zone, though each group member chooses his or her own level of involvement. With this philosophy in mind, the success found with the program is not a measure of individual strength, but the measure of the group’s cohesiveness.


The highest priority of the Challenge Program is safety, both emotionally and physically. UREC staff members are trained to present initiatives with multiple levels of involvement and monitor safety throughout the challenge. If at any point throughout the program a facilitator finds any indication of an unsafe environment, they will stop action and shift accordingly.

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Inquiry Form  PDF

LOCATION The UREC Challenge Course is located directly across from the Student Recreation Center.