About the Climbing Gym

The UREC Climbing Gym is located in the Student Recreation Center.  The indoor climbing wall features bouldering routes and stations for top rope climbing.  Full-time students and UREC members may access the Climbing Gym free of charge.


Quick Facts

  • The Climbing Wall has over 100 different routes.
  • The Climbing Wall has five top rope climbing lanes in which participants can try their hand at.
  • There is over 1,500 square feet of climbable surface at the UREC Climbing Gym.


Why climb at UREC?

I love the hard work and creativity route setters continuously put into creating fresh new challenges for the Climbing Gym.   Richard, Graduate Student

As a new climber, the Climbing Gym has allowed me to push myself to go higher than normal and is a great place for practice.  Cali, Freshman

Two strangers can intrude on one another and help each other and not be afraid of rejection because of how encouraging people are in the Climbing Gym. The people and environment in the Climbing Gym is great.   Gustavo, Sophomore