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About UREC Outdoor Rental

LSU UREC has the gear you need for your next outdoor adventure. UREC Adventure Education provides outdoor rental items including everything you would need for kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, or camping. LSU students, UREC members, and the community may rent equipment on a daily basis. It is recommended to reserve equipment prior to the checkout date to ensure availability.

Review the policies below prior to making an outdoor equipment reservation.

Reservation Policy

Any individuals who wish to reserve equipment from the Adventure Education program may do so by filling out an equipment contract. Those reservations which do not exceed $50 are to be paid in full prior to securing a reservation. For those rentals which exceed $50, a deposit must be paid to equal at least 50% of the rental fees. If the amount of 50% should exceed $100, the reservation deposit will be capped at $100 (example: a $250 reservation will be required to pay a $100 deposit).

Any reservations not picked up or cancelled within 24 hours will still be charged the full amount. Reservations cancelled within 24-48 hours will receive a 50% refund, and any reservation cancelled with more than 48 hours will receive a full refund minus a $10 administrative fee.

Rental Policy

No rental equipment may leave the UREC Clubhouse until it is paid in full. For LSU students, the presentation of a LSU student ID is required for rental. For UREC members, a valid UREC member card must be presented and for community members, driver’s license is required. Equipment must be returned complete and in good working order. Be careful with the equipment. If equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, or late, fees will be assessed accordingly. Fees must be paid within three business days of assessment, or the Department of University Recreation may refer all outstanding/delinquent fees to the Office of Bursar Operations in order to collect such indebtedness.

  • Late and excessively dirty/wet equipment will be charged 1 and 1/3 the daily rental rate for each day late.
  • Items must be returned between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., or a $50 fee will be assessed.

Today’s Hours

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Click here for a complete list of gear rental hours.

Gear rental check-out and returns take place at the UREC Clubhouse, accessible via the parking lot located on the north side of the Student Recreation Complex adjacent to the tennis courts. *Exception: New – two hour bike rentals are also available at the UREC Field Complex at River Rd. Standard hours for the UREC Field Complex are M-F & SUN from 3:00 – 11:00 p.m. & SAT from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Equipment Rental Price Sheet

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