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Aquatic Programming Suspended

Due to UREC expansion and redesign, there will be no aquatic programming for the foreseeable future. This includes swim lessons and lifeguard certifications courses.


Due to UREC Expansion, there are currently no Aquatic Programs.

Course Descriptions


Starfish (Parent & Me)

To familiarize young children (from ages 6 months to about 3 years) to the water and increase their comfort level. It is not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or to survive in the water on their own. *Parent or other caregiver must accompany each child into the water and participate in each class. No prerequisite.


Seahorse (Aqua Tot)

To orient preschool-age children (3-4 yrs old) to the aquatic environment and to help them acquire rudimentary levels of basic aquatic skills. No prerequisite.


Clownfish (Beginner)

Clownfish is designed to teach children the basics of swimming, such as bobbing, floating, kicking, and simple arm movements.



Pufferfish is designed to build on the beginner skills in Clownfish. They will learn to coordinate their arms and legs and begin to learn other types of kicks.

LSU-UREC-Swim-Lessons-Eagle Ray

Eagle Ray (Intermediate)

Eagle Rays will build on what the children learned in Clownfish. They will learn to coordinate their arms and legs and begin to learn elementary backstroke and basics of other strokes.


Tiger Shark (Advanced)

Tiger Sharks will build on the previous levels and improve their swimming skills. They will learn breaststroke, the basics of butterfly and be introduced to wall turns.

LSU-UREC-Swim-Lessons-Adult 2


This program is for those who want to learn to swim or want to improve their current skills. Students are grouped by skill level and instruction is customized to meet individual needs and goals. Common goals of this class are: front and back floats and glides, kick development, alternating arm stroke, treading water, front crawl with side to side breathing, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.