New Fields at River Rd. taking shape

Even with the weather limitations of the winter, great progress on the River Road Field Complex has been made. From dugouts, to backstops, to bermuda grass growing, check out the progress of the project.


Time to make way for more parking!

With the start of Phase II of the expansion and redesign project at the current Student Recreation Complex underway, contractors for the project will be staging at the north end of the 2 hour parking lot. Due to contract and job site liability, the parking spots at the end of the two hour lot will be unavailable throughout the duration of the expansion and redesign project.


120 day project of UREC’s Student Recreation Complex underway

Corps Constructors (contractor for this project) have began their construction process on the Student Recreation Complex. This is a 120 day project and at its conclusion UREC will see approximately 360 two-hour parking spots and 9 new tennis courts added to the current Student Recreation Complex! Be sure to read more on how this will impact field usage during this phase of the expansion and redesign project.


River Rd. Field Complex to see sprigging soon!

Progress on the UREC Fields at River Rd. have been fast and furious. August was an extremely busy month. The fields closest to River Rd., Fields 1 and 2, have received a great deal of attention from the turf subcontractor (Munie). They have tested and installed the new irrigation, laid the drainage, and begun working on the 6 inch sand cap. We envision sprigging these fields soon.


Challenge your body with UREC’s Open Challenge Course!

Have you seen a bit of construction going on this summer across from the SRC? Well, the time is here…the new Challenge Course is finally here! The course marks the first completion project in UREC’s expansion and redesign process. Although the course is typically used for student organizations, any UREC member may try out the course during UREC’s Open Challenge Course dates!