Biggest Workout Myths Debunked

Find out what’s behind some of the biggest workout myths! Avoid some of the mistakes people make when it comes to getting the most out of their workouts.

Tick Tock, it’s Two O’Clock Bayou

Adventure Education embarked on its first trip of the fall semester, Canoeing Two O’Clock Bayou on September 21. Canoeing out into the northern reaches of the Atchafalaya Basin was the perfect way to enjoy the cooling weather.


8 GAs, 1 Tiger

On the day originally known as “August 5th – the day we became this GA team,” there were plenty of firsts for our group of adventurers. As one of the new UREC Graduate Assistants, having made it through my first month both working for UREC and living in Baton Rouge, it was time for some official team building adventures with all the UREC GAs.


UREC Grads Say Goodbye

Another year has come and gone, and yet again it is time to say goodbye to some of our hardworking UREC staff. UREC appreciates our student staff and everything they do to make this a positive working environment for others. UREC is grateful for the time spent with each student worker and honored to send them off towards their goals in life after graduation.


The Secret of Being Strong

Tian Tian, an avid user of UREC and regular participant in UREC’s GroupX fitness classes, tells her story on why it’s so important to stay healthy and fit throughout your life. And how UREC can help you.


Smells Like Jekyll

Over Spring Break, I went on the UREC Deep Sea Fishing Trip to Jekyll Island and made so many memories! It was non-stop fun from fishing, to biking, to kayaking, to playing some pretty intense mini golf. Even though I was sleeping in a tent every night and eating tons of peanut butter sandwiches, I felt like I was living the life.


The advantages of being a powerlifter

When you think “powerlifting,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think it’s just picking up some heavy weights. Maybe you’re picturing big, buff, dudes lifting a bunch of heavy things. Well we have those, too. But there is definitely a lot more that meets the eye when it comes to powerlifting, and it’s definently not just for men.


Intramural Sports: Friendships, Traditions, and Legacies

Intramural sports are a great way to get involved on campus and meet friends early on. Competition can be a healthy experience. Becoming a captain of an intramural team allows you to develop long term leadership skills. Ultimately, Intramurals are a fun way to get involved with UREC at LSU.