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Updated: May 28, 2017



Will there be more than one entrance to access the Student Recreation Center?

Yes, there will be two entrances throughout the exterior of the building. In addition, the outdoor pool will have a seasonal access point.



Will the SRC have an outdoor pool?

The SRC will have an outdoor leisure pool in the shape of “LSU” as well as an 8 lane outdoor lap pool adjacent to the leisure pool.

The current Climbing Gym seems small. Will that space be increased?

The new project is expected to add a 35′ climbing wall that will span two stories in an open area in the center of the SRC.

Will the facility feature a longer track?

The SRC will have an indoor running trail just under a 1/3 mile in length, spanning 2 levels of the building.

Will there still be a Smoothie King at UREC?

Currently, plans are to keep a vendor in the lobby of the SRC. We really like Smoothie King too!

Will outdoor Intramural field space increase?

Yes, as of Fall 2014, outdoor Intramural and Sport Club games are taking placing at the new UREC Field Complex located at River Rd.

Will there be an indoor lap pool for swimming during winter or stormy days?

The indoor pool that currently resides in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) is currently offline in order to be renovated as a part of the expansion and redesign process. The renovated indoor pool is anticipated to reopen in August 2016. Upon completion of the outdoor pools, members will have the opportunity for lap swimming both indoors and outdoors (seasonally).



I need a student job. Will this increase the number of student jobs at UREC?

Yes, the project will see growth in student employment from approximately the 200 student employees, to approximately 375-400 student employees when completed.



How old is the current Student Recreation Center?

The current Student Recreation Center opened in 1992.



Will the new project mean there will be more parking?

Available for use beginning in Fall 2014, the new project saw an addition of 344 parking spaces in the new 2-hour parking lot.

Sometimes I just need to have a meeting at UREC for a short period of time. Will there be any short-term parking available?

There will be enforced two-hour access spots outside the Student Recreation Center for those individuals who will be visiting for a short period of time.


Project Details

What architects are designing this project?

GraceHebert Architects (of Baton Rouge, LA) and HOK (of Kansas City, MO) were selected as the architects for UREC’s expansion and redesign project.

How much will the entire project cost from start to finish?

The current plan is projected to cost approximately $84.75 million.


Project Timeline

When did the project begin?

Phase III of the expansion and design of UREC began in November 2014.

What are the different stages for the different phases?

Currently, there are three planned stages for the expansion and redesign of UREC.

Phase I-A: Field Expansion
Start date of June 2013 – completed August 2014

Phase I-B: Challenge Course
Start date of June 2013 – completed August 2013

Phase II: Parking Addition & New Tennis Courts
Start date of September 2013 – completed August 2014

Phase III: SRC Expansion & Redesign
Start date of November 2014 – estimated completion Summer 2017

Click here for more information regarding specifics to projects scheduled for each phase.


Student Fees

How much will the project increase my student fees?

Student fees will increase incrementally over a three year period, with an addition of $45 each semester for three years. The fee will increase by $135 after three years, meaning students will pay a total of $200 for their UREC fee. Once the fee is in place, membership will be approximately equal to that of $36 a month for a private gym membership. Click here to view current membership fees.

  • Fall 2015 full-time students UREC fee: $200

What happens if I pay the increase in student fee, but will graduate before the project is completed?

Any student that pays a part of the fee increase and then doesn’t have an opportunity to use the facility because they graduated before it is brought online, will have the opportunity to use the facility for as many semesters as they paid for it. After that time has elapsed, they may purchase an alumni membership. Click here to view more info on Supported Fee Memberships.


Recreation Space

How many square feet will the Student Recreation Center be when completed?

The Student Recreation Center will increase its square footage from 120,000 sq. ft. to approximately 250,000 sq. ft.

What is the nationally accepted recreation space per person?

NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, has established that the nationally accepted standard for indoor recreation space is 9 square feet per student.

I see on the floor plans, that the men's locker room and showers will be moved. Will there be the same number of lockers and sufficient shower stalls/outlets for the expected number of users in the new location? Will the men's showers and lockers be available during the expansion? Will I retain my same locker number and combination?

The new facility will see an increase in lockers and sufficent shower stalls/outlets for the anticipated rise in users. Men’s showers and lockers will be available through the expansion, as the first phase will allow for usage of the current locker rooms, and the second phase allowing for the new locker room (within the new wing) to be used while the current locker room is being redesigned. You will not retain the same locker number and combination as you know it today as we will have all new lockers with integrated locks.

Based on the floor plans, I see that the racquetball courts will remain as they are now. Is that true? And, will all courts remain open and available during the expansion?

The 9 racquetball courts that currently reside in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) will remain in their current position throughout the duration of the expansion and redesign process and upon completion of the project. However, Racquetball Court 6 will be used for Operations during construction when the current main entrance located at the SRC’s west side will move to a temporary location on the building’s south side on Minnie Fisk Lane (anticipated November 17 – 22, 2014).


UREC Memberships

I am currently a UREC member who pays for a membership. Should I expect to see an increase in my membership price upon the completion of the project?

Because the project will see an increase in fees for students due to the project cost, UREC members will also see an increase in membership fees.



When you say 'redesign' what are you referring to?

In order to make the current Student Recreation Center fit seamlessly with the expansion project that will occur off the north end of the facility, the entire Student Recreation Center will be redesigned and organized.

Will UREC be closed during any time throughout the project?

Because the project is slated to occur in two different phases, there will never be a time in which UREC will be closed. Certain areas of UREC may be modified, and UREC will do its best to have the least amount of interference with those using the facility as possible. 

Who will be able to join?

LSU full-time students are automatically members. In addition, part-time LSU students, faculty/staff, alumni, and those established as LSU affiliates may purchase a membership.


From our patrons

I heard that because of upcoming renovations to UREC, there will be no Intramural Flag Football in the Fall of 2013. Is this true?

UREC will be offering Flag Football in the Fall 2013 semester. Space will be limited due to the construction, but UREC is working to accommodate as many teams as possible in what has previously been UREC’s most popular Intramural Sport offering. Click here to view Intramural Sport offerings.