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YogaPilates? Janice to teach all-new Specialty Course this Fall!

Love Yoga? Love Pilates? UREC has the perfect course that combines both! YogaPilates! A subtle blending of Pilates and Yoga, this mind body experience focuses on muscle strength and toning, balance, body alignment, stabilization, and flexibility. With 25+ years of teaching experience, there’s no better instructor you’d want to take this course from than Janice!


UREC Kranks it up!

UREC has purchased a Matrix Krank Cycle as a new way for guests to cross train and workout! Check out all the benefits now!

Fit Tip of the Week

  • Keep Moving

    If you are sitting most of the day, try to move every 60 minutes. Walk to the water fountain, bathroom, down the hall, etc. This will keep your muscles active and re-energize your mind and body!

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