No Shave November: Cancer Awareness

LSU UREC wants to bring awareness to those who have gone through the traumatic experience of cancer.  Many of these patients have lost their hair because of treatment, so embrace your hair this month and let it grow wild and free!

No Shave November is a month long challenge for all individuals to raise awareness at LSU!

Beginning on November 1, shave any part of your body and come take a picture at the UREC Photo Table that will be located at the Social Stair Case.  You can shave your face, legs, armpits, arms, head or all the above, but whatever you decide to shave make sure it is a fresh cut.  At the end of the month, we will get a second picture of you to document your growth.

We will recognize all individuals who participated in this event by creating a “Before and After” video that will be shared with the campus.  Participating in the video is optional.

Event Info

  • Date: 11/1/2017 – 11/31/2017
  • Location: UREC Social Stair Case
  • Time: TBD

Registration Info

  • No Registration Needed
  • Price: Free