Student Staff Awards

Student Staff Award Winners

Student Employee of the Year

The Student Employee of the Year Award is presented to a student who has exemplary efforts on behalf of UREC during the past year, has a heart for service and great work performance/productivity, has great judgment, initiative, and integrity, radiates a contagious positive feeling, and is a good will ambassador of UREC and a good-humored hard worker.

  • 2018: Julia Daigle
  • 2017: Randy Nguyen
  • 2016: Alex Robertson
  • 2015: Alexandra Dalton
  • 2014: Alexandra Dalton
  • 2013: Col Erlandson

Belinda Lee Heart for Service

The Belinda Lee Heart for Service Award is presented to a student who has recognizable dedication, sacrifice, and accomplishment to UREC, has a high level of responsiveness to delivery of UREC programs and services, unselfishly gives time and energy to help UREC staff, members, and guests, and is a local hero who works to make the UREC community stronger, tighter, happier, and richer.

  • 2018: Catarina Buettner
  • 2017: Julia Daigle
  • 2016: David Simmons
  • 2015: Katelyn Lamy
  • 2014: Ashley Folse
  • 2013: Daisy Miller

Fitness Operations Employee of the Year

  • 2018: Michael Spieldiener


Goodwill Ambassador

The Goodwill Ambassador Award is presented to a student who has outstanding contributions to the overall welfare of UREC, commits to cross training to increase their experience and knowledge of UREC, is an excellent representative of UREC, and sets an excellent example for new student employees.

  • 2017: Austin Mauldin
  • 2016: Lauren Allain
  • 2015: Lois Park
  • 2014: Victoria Hogan
  • 2013: Jonathan Magee

Radiates Positive Energy

The Radiates Positive Energy Award is presented to a student who changes the atmosphere of UREC positively while at work, leaves their frustrations and bad days at the door, comes to work ready to do the job regardless of assigned work task, and cheers for the department and staff working within.

  • 2017: Olivia Kjellsten
  • 2016: Randy Nguyen
  • 2015: Darnelle Cuyler
  • 2014: Catarina Buettner
  • 2013: Alexandra Dalton

Rookie Student Employee of the Year

The Rookie Student Employee of the Year Award is presented to a student who has been employed with UREC for less than one year, demonstrates exceptional ability and performance during their employment with UREC, demonstrates the ability and/or leadership above and beyond the call of duty, is involved in student development, takes initiative and is a good role model to other student employees, and is dedicated to UREC and is enthusiastic to make UREC a better place.

  • 2017: Quinn Jones
  • 2016: Andy Farhood
  • 2015: Renee Laurent
  • 2014: Svea Erlandson
  • 2013: Savina Nguyen